Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lengthy Paintings

Acrylic on stretched canvas frame

I know I've said in the past that 2-3 hours spent on a painting is as much as I can bear, and this is especially true with watercolour work, but things have been changing around here.

A few weeks ago I joined a group of people who love to paint, and meet once a week, hiring out a room and spending a couple of hours or so just painting and chatting to each other. There is no tutor, so the cost is minimal, there's a very relaxed atmosphere and it's great to have a look at what each other is doing with their artwork.

At the same time, I've strayed further away from watercolour in favour of acrylics. My subject matter is also more elaborate, requiring much more thought and time getting it down on canvas.

The painting here done at the group meetings has taken me around one month to complete. Well, I say complete, but when is a painting ever finished? There is still more that I can do to it, and unlike watercolour, it doesn't go muddy on you if you start fiddling! But, there comes a point when we have to stop and say "That's enough".

The building is Old Place Yard, London, England, and is worked 'eye to hand' from a photograph I took on a visit last October. I'm not sure what the building is used for but think that it is something to do with parliament, as it stands on Abingdon Street, with the Houses of Parliament standing just across the road from it. To the rear, is the Jewel Tower.

Pictures below show WIP.