Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Birthday Cards

Despite my more-than-usual busy life at the moment, I did take time to paint a couple of birthday cards. This one was for my daughter-in-law, of our lovely grandson Thomas. I don't always get a good likeness, but this one turned out fairly good. I think she really liked it.

Painting someone a card is very rewarding, doesn't take long at this size (C5), and I think that being a piece of  original artwork, gives the receiver an incentive to keep it rather than discard the card in the recycling box a couple of days after the event. I would dearly loved to have kept this one, but I know it will be looked after by it's owner, and whenever I've visited since, the card is still on display. How nice is that?

Monday, 8 October 2012

Retired, but will I have more time for art?

A few weeks ago, I hung up my milk carrier for good!

You would think that retirement is a time for relaxation, a time to take things easy and potter about in the garden etc., but I seem to be busier than ever. What with a huge decorating project (I am talking about re-plastering, plumbing and electrics as well as paintwork), walking, cycling and swimming (I am now up to 20 lengths at a time and counting!), I am beginning to wonder how I ever had time to work for a living!

Earlier in the year, I got bestowed with the task of Exhibition Secretary for our local art club, as well as maintaining the website I built for us last year. This has meant that the last two or three months has got busier building up to our exhibition later this month, especially as I have been updating existing documents, and helping to bring about a new image to our club.

All this has meant that my artwork has been pushed to the back of everything, and I've had precious little time for painting. But the good news is that, hopefully, I will get back to painting fairly soon.

In the meantime, if anyone local is interested, here are details of our forthcoming exhibition:

Market Harborough Art Club presents our Annual
to be held at
Harborough Theatre
Church Square
Market Harborough
October 18-20 2012, 10.00am - 5.00pm
(Sat 10.00am - 4.30pm)
Free admission