Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Nasir. Pen and oil pastels on cartridge paper.
OK, just one more of these pen and oil pastel works, before I get serious again with watercolour. I nearly didn't buy these pastels thinking that I wouldn't use them. Now I'm glad I did, because it allowed me a brief foray into another media and I've loved it!

Again here, I've done an extremely fast outline of the character in ink before applying the oil pastels, and again not worrying too much about keeping within the lines - after all, we never stick rigidly to road markings when we are driving do we? This medium is fantastically fast, a little over half an hour to do this. I smudged the colours in places to blend more subtle light changes and two or several colours together, but for texture (as in the sweater), I've used the pastel sideways on lightly.

For Father's day, my daughter bought me a couple of watercolour painting technique books to study, so I am itching to get back to this medium, and try out some new methods in what is my very favourite method of painting.


  1. Well you certainly have the hang of these oil pastels. The work looks spontaneous, lots of color and exciting..
    I have a set of these and have yet to try them . You've inspired me. though . BJ

  2. I think it's great that you are experimenting with other mediums and not just sticking toyour comfort zone. This is great! It's interesting and fun and I hope you do more :0)

  3. Interesting composition of this portrait Frank.

  4. Love the feeling of light and energy in this! Hope you don't leave them alone too long. xx

  5. A great sketch Frank. It looks and sounds like fun!! Nice to see you posting again. ;-)

  6. Hi Frank, I think this is a great pastel, and I like the fact that you explained a bit about how you did it, because I am just doing one now. And being my very first one, I have really no idea about how it 'should ' be done. Seeing others work really helps.
    Have a nice day.

  7. Barbra, I'm glad I inspired you! Keep it fast and don't get bogged down with the detail.
    Sandra, I'm a bit of a horror for sticking with what I know best, so it takes a lot for me to venture into something new, but hey, this was good!
    Sue, thanks, I didn't do much composing for this one though.
    Pat, thanks, yes I'll do more as this is so easy compared to watercolour.
    John, sorry for my absence :)
    Jane, remember to keep your hands clean throughout the work, as it is very easy to smudge the paper and very hard to get it off once you do!

  8. It's fantastic Frank! I love the freedom and expression here, both in the subject and in your work. Very, very well done. it really shows that you enjoyed this. :)

  9. Thanks Crystal for a very encouraging comment!