Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Birthday Cards

Despite my more-than-usual busy life at the moment, I did take time to paint a couple of birthday cards. This one was for my daughter-in-law, of our lovely grandson Thomas. I don't always get a good likeness, but this one turned out fairly good. I think she really liked it.

Painting someone a card is very rewarding, doesn't take long at this size (C5), and I think that being a piece of  original artwork, gives the receiver an incentive to keep it rather than discard the card in the recycling box a couple of days after the event. I would dearly loved to have kept this one, but I know it will be looked after by it's owner, and whenever I've visited since, the card is still on display. How nice is that?


  1. I just know your son and daughter in law are going to be thrilled with this portrait of Thomas, Frank ... it's excellent! I too have painted blank cards for family and friends, I think it's a great touch and they seem to like them. For Christmas I have painted a Robin and am going to have that made into cards to send to family and friends. sorry I have missed your posts, I have had to rejoin your Blog as I couldn't get into my old Blog. Good to see you Frank! :)

  2. It's a really nice portrait Frank and it's not surprising it 's still on display. I can't imagine it ever being taken down. Great work.