Saturday, 15 December 2012

The View from my Back Door

Since I've been retired, I am at home and have time to just look out of the kitchen window a lot. For a few mornings now, while gazing up at the sky I have noticed some lovely cloud formations at daybreak. Reaching for my trusty camera and taking a step outside the back door, I take a photograph, then the next day another and so forth. It is a natural progression to translate these photos into paintings, and here is one I did later!

Morning Promise: watercolour on 300gsm 140lb Bokingford paper
Having done quite a few acrylic paintings lately, my wife asked me to do something wet-in-wet, and what better subject for this technique than clouds? A simple subject like this is so easy to do, and took me around 30 minutes - a welcome break from intricate detailed studies that I've been working on of late.


  1. Ahhh! Frank it was made for this..
    How lovely and you've captured it beautifully.
    Here in Florida we have sunrises (and sunsets) that last for a fleeting moment .. I've captured it on film.. many times, but have yet to paint it.

    1. Thanks Barbra, maybe now's the time to get those paints out and paint those sunsets?

  2. Very nice Frank. I really like the very low horizon and the BIG sky. I retired 8 months ago and still haven't found time to stand looking out the kitchen window. You'll have to tell me your secret. lol.

  3. No secret John, just take everything in your stride! Someone else liked the big sky too, because soon after putting this painting up on my new online shop, it sold!

  4. Hi frank.
    I agree with John above,very nice. Well worth buying mate. All the best Frank.