Sunday, 9 May 2010

More portraits for Julia Kay's Portrait Party

I am absolutely addicted to this group on Flickr! Here are just another couple of portraits I have posted. I've found it best not to paint large for this project (these are 10x7), and after the original sketch, work fast on the painting.

The Happy Painter (Donna) was immensely exciting to do, though I had a little trouble getting the mouth right in the sketch - I don't think it is quite right still, but I'm happy with the finished work.

Jerry Waese has done some lovely work on this project, his work is quite abstract at times and very minimal and spontaneous. He did a black and white of me, so I did a pencil sketch of him back. I think doing a full pencil sketch is a good exercise and helps you with light and form. I only had a thumbnail photo to work from with this one, so left it quite rough.
See Jerry here.


  1. Your portraits are really super Frank, I am very impressed. It comes over how much you are enjoying doing this....

  2. Both are really good in such different ways. I am strangely drawn to the pencil sketch, which is odd for me since I love colour. I think it's the fantastic contrasts. Faces - hmmm, I must stop avoiding them!

  3. I think you've done a great job with such difficult subject matter...and know what you mean about the mouths.. I always found them a problem when trying to get a likeness.

  4. Thanks all.
    Ingrid, yes finding painting again is like finding romance again, returned are those funny feelings felt so long ago!
    Sandra, OK I challenge you to doing a portrait - sketch allowed!
    Alice, in the end, I asked my wife to look at the mouth and she told me just what was wrong. Women notice these things don't they?

  5. Wow, your portraits are really great!

  6. Thanks for the compliments Sheila and for looking in on me.