Sunday, 30 May 2010

Art Class - Week #6

image: watercolour on 135gsm cartridge paper and pigment liner pen.

I missed week #6 at art class because my wife and I spent a few days in Shropshire. I borrowed my son's mobile home and we stayed in a lovely place in the country called Warf Tavern. However, a tiny sketch pad, a few brushes and my paint box came along for the ride! One quiet evening I sat at the window of the van and did this quick sketch of the tavern across the road. I didn't quite get the perspective right, and didn't have a small enough brush with me for the detail, but well, here it is for all it's faults!


  1. Perfect! Full of character! I love it!

  2. I love it too !! It has a wonderful spontaniety and freshness to it. The strong touch of blue sky in the top left brings it all together.

  3. Thanks Sandra & Alice. The dark blue in the sky is french ultramarine direct from the pan with no watering down - a first for me.

  4. Damn it Frank!!! This is fabulous.

    I'd say it was a good job you didn't have that small detail brush with you. This is perfect just as it is. You're aware of my struggle to achieve a loose painting, and here is EXACTLY what I'm aiming for. I'm off to break all my brushes.

    Great painting - serious kudos.

  5. Don't make me laugh John, I know this isn't perfect, with wobbly chimneys, clumsy bits, poor perspective and misspelled 'Tavern', but yes, I have to admit - loose for me!

    If its any help, I used ordinary cartridge paper for this one, which lets the paint flow more freely but has the disadvantage that it buckles with the wet paint. Don't know if you found that with the ink wash of your garden?