Wednesday, 16 June 2010

15 Minute Watercolour #2

A Mingling of the Media.

This is another of my watercolour exercises, where the only rule is "Try and do a watercolour direct to paper, without a preliminary pencil sketch in 15 minutes".

On the source photograph, it was the shapes and colours which really caught my eye and prompted me to think a little differently about how I could translate that onto paper. I really let myself go, not waiting for any of the colours to dry or  worry much about being too accurate. The paint, especially around the face, soon began to mingle an run back. This is about the freest I've ever been with watercolour, just getting the paint on the paper as quickly as possible!

I wasn't too sure about how people might react to this one, so when at art class, I showed it to my tutor first and she loved it, along with a couple of the students. This gave me the courage to post it here and on the Flickr website. It may not be everyone's cup-of-tea, but at least I've done something a little different for a change.

Source Photo:


  1. It's great! I often paint without a preliminary sketch but a 15 minute time frame is an extra challenge. Well done.

  2. It IS different Frank - and I think it's great..... the medium here speaks with it's own character... and the colours are fresh with the spontaneity.

  3. I've tried organic subjects with no initial sketch which is great fun. I would never have tried a face though - that is brave! It's worked well though Frank. It's great that you have shared it with us :o)

  4. Thanks for all your comments, but I still have much to learn when it comes to spontaneous efforts like this.