Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Art Class - Half Term

There was no art class last week because of the school's half term, so I thought I would show you all a WIP (work in progress). We visited the lovely old English town of Shrewsbury while on holiday in Shropshire, where there were so many ancient buildings, narrow streets and beautiful places to sit and have coffee. I took one or two photos with a view to painting at a later date, this being one of them, showing a typical street view.

With only a little paint on the work so far, I am already displeased with it! The sky is too dark and I am sure I don't know if I can cope with so much tiny detail in the beam work of the centre building, being not too good with the smaller brushes. This is one time when loose brushwork is not my aim!

This week at art class, I will be back working on the outdoor cafe scene in week five. Before applying any paint, I think I am going to have a long chat with my tutor after the many hours work on the drawing!


  1. Frank, you are very hard on yourself! You are right to seek advise from your tutor but I think this could be such a lovely, quirky painting - I love these buildings! Now, I am sure you probably know this, but I will tell you anyway, just incase. This is something I have learned from my own course. I have tried it myself so I know it works! If you think the painting is too dark, get a brush - not too stiff as it may damage the paper, but not too soft either. Then, whilst running your entire painting under a tap, go over the whole painting in circular movements with the brush. You will find that by working over the entire painting the colour will lift off evenly without leaving any unsightly marks and leave a much, much paler version of what was there before. The pencil marks should remain visible too. Once dried you can work back over it! Voila!!

  2. It looks as if it could be a fabulous line and wash drawing .... as the buildings have so much character, the way you've drawn them. I'm sure it will come together !

  3. @Sandra no, I hadn't heard of that way to remove watercolour, it sounds a little bit drastic, but will keep your suggestion in mind. Art class #7 was last night, and I did have a chat with my tutor before starting to paint the cafe scene - update will follow soon.

    @Alice you have such faith in me! I hadn't planned on any line work in this one, unless it starts to look indistinct, in which case pen work can really pull it all together.