Monday, 28 June 2010

A Lighthearted Break...

image: watercolour and pigment pen on cartridge paper

After the last session at evening class, I got really fed-up with painting, getting bogged down in the seriousness of so much tiny detail. I replied to Sandra's comment that I needed to do something a little more lighthearted and fun to bring me out of it, so I set my camera to multi shoot mode and did a few mug-shots pulling funny faces at the camera! Some of the resultant pics turned out highly amusing - well to me anyway, and I picked one to do a quick pen and wash sketch, and here is the result.

Taking around an hour to complete, I couldn't help but smile as my paintbrush (one large one only - you all know I hate fine detail) gently flitted across the paper, and boy did this do me good! My wife took one look at the finished result and said "That's terrible!"

What! Is my thinking wrong? I thought it was funny. Oh well, here it is for all to see.

image: me being silly. Original shots 640x480 b/w multi-shot mode, 16 chosen from 50
contrast boosted and grid put together with Paint Shop Pro.


  1. Oh, you have made me laugh this morning Frank! I think it is highly amusing! Not to mention really good! Your wife is just used to you producing serious pieces and this is so different. You should use it as an amusing profile picture for a while!

  2. Yes ! that would be fun .... on your profile !
    It's great and also the "collection". I like the nice smiley one - second on the left, third row down. :)

  3. @Sandra glad I made you laugh. My wife also noticed that I've given myself a boss eyed look, and now I look at the painting again, I seem to have a swollen cheek as if to have tooth ache to boot! But my intention here was not to obtain a good likeness, just to have fun.

    @Alice - 2nd left, 3rd down ... oh that's the most normal one of the bunch! I don't think this one will make my profile pic though, I have other ideas for that in the future, but nice try both of you :)

  4. How odd Frank - I see that you have posted something new by my blog list, yet when I click on it it takes me directly to this post, like the new one doesn't exist?

  5. Sandra, I meant to schedule the new post to appear a couple of days ahead for reasons that will become obvious when you read it, but forgot to set the date, so had to quickly delete it and repost! Meanwhile, it seems that subscribers got wind of the post too early. (I'm good at stuffing things up just lately! Sorry for any confusion.)